What to See in Poland in 5 days

Have you ever been to Poland? If yes, you will most probably agree with what I will write here. If not, you should give yourself a chance to travel in Poland. Personally, I hadn’t thought that Poland would impress me this much before I travelled only three cities in Poland.

Europe’s Hidden Beauty

Summer 2019 – We got the shortest Schengen visa we ever had (15 day-long, single entry), which was so disappointing for us; however, there was no other choice but go visit Poland. In the end, we were so happy that we could do that trip. We realized that Poland was quite underrated even though it had so much beauty (and delicious vegan food)to offer. 

Gdansk – the Pearl of Poland

As soon as we arrived in Gdansk, we fell in love with it. It is like a dream coastal city with perfectly reconstructed Old Town, colourful houses, tiny cafes, and most importantly quite a complex history. We joined a free walking tour in which we learned about its rich history. Especially Solidarity Movement that started the fall of Communism back then got our attention and we ended up in the European Solidarity Center to learn more. Gdansk is also a heaven of Amber, Baltic mineral. From jewellery to beer and vodka, it was in almost everything. We joined this giant pirate ship to see the entire port and it was definitely worth seeing it. Finally. there was St. Dominic’s fair (it’s been held there since the 20th century) and that made the city much more lively and colourful.

Gdansk is also where I got addicted to the vegan pierogi (Polish dumplings).

Warsaw – the Capital of Good Food, Great View and Amazing History

The capital of Poland is as stunning as the port city Gdansk. The Airbnb we rented in Warsaw was in such a great location that we could hang out at night without thinking of transportation and I could run in those beautiful parks of Warsaw in the morning. We joined another walking tour here to learn about its history, important people (like Marie Curie), and its current issues. They took us to the important places to see in Warsaw such as Royal Łazienki Park and the Royal Castle. We enjoyed Warsaw’s riverbank for hours and we couldn’t get enough of its great view.

Warsaw is the place where I tasted the traditional Barszcz czerwony (beetroot soup). It’s vegan, healthy and yummy.

Poznan – Cute, Friendly and Green Spot

The last stop was in Poznan, another cute and lively city. It is definitely a must-see place in Poland. We sat at the centre of the Old Town in a café and enjoyed its view from late evening till night. We ended up in a local vodka bar later where we tried many different flavours of vodka. All in all, Poland is incredible and we will definitely go back there again. Its plant-based food options almost everywhere won my heart in Poland. PA!  (Bye in Polish) 🙂

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