Where to See All the New Vegan Brands and Startups

Good news from 2020

One of the little good news we could hear in 2020 was an increase in the popularity of veganism. According to the report of Chef’s Pencil, a media outlet sharing food industry reports, vegan-related searches on Google is at an all-time high. Moreover, HappyCow shows that more vegan restaurants have opened than closed in 2019. As for the worth of vegan food market, IMARC group shares the great news: It reached US$ 15.6 billion in 2019. As seen in all these data, the vegan movement is having a blast.

More and more vegan restaurants open every day.

Where to Find the Latest News about Vegan Brands

Which industries are turning into plant-based? What vegan products and brands are out there? Which vegan companies, brands and startups are leading the market in 2021? If such questions pop into your head, you are at the right place. To find their answers, I have been following podcasts, websites and news about the vegan economy. Here is a list of resources I recommend you to follow.

5 Vegan News Websites to Subscribe

1- Vegconomist

This vegan business magazine shares the latest and trending vegan business news from around the world. It is one of the best media to get to know the leaders and key players of the vegan business world in 2021.

Exciting vegan brands from Europe

2- Vegpreneur

Here is a global community for vegan entrepreneurs from food, fashion, beauty, and farming industries. On their blog, you will see big news from the plant-based business world. If you are into entrepreneurship, there are some useful resources for the new startups. They also organize events like ‘Expert Hours’ where they chat with the leaders of the vegan industry.

Follow vegan news on Twitter

3- The Good Food Institute (GFI)

GFI is an international nonprofit institution that promotes plant-based products. On its website, you can see the latest reports, trends, innovations and market overviews from the vegan industry in 2021. They provide many vegan companies with their strategic support and education.

Plant-based life is beautiful.

4- LiveKindly Business and Innovation

This is another website to see how big ideas and science are shaping our future. You will read some inspiring news from food-tech companies. They write about successful vegan food companies that offer vegan meat, chicken and dairy. LiveKindly Collective is also a platform for vegan food brands to promote a sustainable food system.

5- VegWorld Magazine

It is a digital vegan magazine that connects people with vegan leaders, authors and experts. They share various vegan-related news ranging from vegan food brands to vegan dating apps.

3 Podcasts that I Regularly Listen to

Podcasting is another sector that has been booming in recent years. If you search ‘vegan’ in any podcast application, you will see a big variety of vegan podcasts. You may check my top 10 vegan podcasts from different fields. Here you will see the top three podcasts I recommend to follow vegan business news.

Vegan podcasts

1- Plant-Based Business Hour

Elysabeth Alfano is a plant-based business consultant who invites many innovators and leaders to her show. She is an ethical vegan and keen expert on plant-based business. In her show, Alfano also shares the weekly vegan news under ‘Plant-based Business Minute’. Here are her predictions related to the vegan market for 2021.

2- Vegan Business Talk

Another great show that hosts successful vegan business owners and entrepreneurs is Vegan Business Talk. Katrina Fox, the host, is a vegan business coach and the author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business. Here are her vegan business predictions for 2021.

3- Vegan Startup Podcast

This one provides unfiltered chats with the founders of many different vegan businesses. It is a sincere and inspiring show. You will learn both the struggles and breakthroughs of vegan startups.

Sustainable and vegan business

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