3 Steps to Boost Your Life in a Short Time

Before the New Year starts, would you like to learn the 3 essential steps to boost your life? These are the steps that I personally have tried and proved to be really effective to live a happier and healthier life.

Find out the 3 Steps to a Better Life

Step 1: Move

Working out is the first step to boost your life. Doing any kind of sports that you like will bring along many unexpected benefits to your life. Not only will you pay more attention to what you eat, but you will also get more disciplined and organized. In time, your body will get in shape and you start feeling more energized. If it is not that easy for you to choose which sport to do, you may first try a couple of different sports such as yoga, pilates, running, or HIIT classes and decide on the most convenient one for you. Since the pandemic started, many online sports classes have become available to choose on Youtube or on App Stores. My personal recommendation to you is running as I think it is the most convenient sport to do. You don’t need any special equipment (except for good running shoes), any specific place or any other person. Send me an email to get The Beginner’s Guide to Running that I prepared for you. On this guide, I share how I started running 1-2k and ended up finishing two half-marathons and two marathons in three years of time.

Step 2: Eat well

Vegan food

As soon as you start working out, you’d better start a more balanced and inclusive diet to make your life better. The key to eating well is quite simple. Just eat the colors of the rainbow. Eating different colors of fruits and vegetables every day will boost your life as well as your immune system. You will have much higher energy and mood as the powerful antioxidants in those colorful fruits and vegetables will make you look younger and fitter.

Before I started running, I used to eat more processed food and have several health issues. Changing my diet to include more fruits and vegetables has improved my fitness and health in a very short time like two weeks. Keep your food somewhere you can easily see and access and just keep away from processed food as much as you can.

Step 3: Socialize

Socializing has been proven to boost not only your mental health but also your physical health. When you have really strong social connections, you will enjoy your life much more. Your brain and your immune system will function much better when you feel loved and cared. Doesn’t it feel great to spend some time over a coffee, dinner or lunch with someone you care? Try to include some regular social gatherings (with people you like) to your daily routine to see the difference in your life. You may invite some friend to run with you or try a new recipe at your place. You may also volunteer at a sanctuary or charity that you find important.

The more you socialize the more reasons you will have to feel happy and content. I’d recommend doing physically and cognitively engaging activities together with your friends or families. My best social experience has been playing rugby with a great amateur women’s team where I ended up having life-long friends that I really like spending time with.

That’s all! Would you like to add yours?

All these three steps are easy to do as long as you want to boost your life in a short time. I would be more than happy if you try them and then share the results with me through my email hello@aveganadventure.com. If you have other recommendations that you think are also important, feel free write them down below in the comments for others to see. Please share this with your friends and families so that many more people may start to change their lives.

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